Versatile Adhesive Sealant

Versatile Material in Insulation

long term durability when exposed to the elements. This Waterproof Versatile Adhesive Sealant is permanently elastic and is capable of bonding dissimilar materials, offering long-lasting bonds and design flexibility.

Excellent UV resistance

High performance sealing

For sealing any tiles, ceramics, stones, ordinary and double-glazed glass, Polycarbonate sheets, sinks, PVC and gypsum tiles, Knauf prefabricated structures, metal and plastic water tanks, cars sealing, roofs insulation, concrete structures, sealing apartment sewage pipes, and etc.

Suitable for sealing places and covering all cavities and pores by adding 10% water as moisture insulation to adhesive any kind of objects including metal, plastic, and wood. This product will be flexible after drying.

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Permanently elastic to allow joint movement