for joints and wooden structures

Ayster Wood adhesives

for making joints and cracks in wooden structures.

These Wood adhesives are also great for adhesive paints and activities such as mosaics. These resins range in color from light gray to white and are based on homopolymer resins.

A high level of adhesion

great deal of flexibility

Ayster Wood adhesives are made up of organic and polymer compounds that give them a great deal of flexibility. This molecular flexibility gives wood glue its unique properties. There is almost no odor to these adhesives, and they are widely soluble in water and many types of paint and solvents. In addition to Ayster wood adhesive’s polymer characteristics and high viscosity, its white color makes it stand out as an outstanding product. In the workshop, you do not need to dissolve this adhesive with water since its viscosity is high and it disperses in water.

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