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Ayster sealing tape (Ayster Joint Tape )

Ayster sealing tape (Ayster Joint Tape )

Ayster sealing tape (Ayster Joint Tape )

Ayster sealing tape (Ayster Joint Tape )

The ayster sealing tape is a covering for seams of premade structures which is used for flattening surfaces and preparing surfaces for coloring for dry wall or hemp.

  • Proper consistency
  • high resistance
  • Having texture much similar to wall panel texture.

The ayster sealing tape synthesizes completely with wall. Since its texture is much similar to texture of premade walls (hemps), detecting seams is impossible even for a trained eye. Putty of premade structures (sealing putty) that is stretched on seams is required for installing the ayster sealing tape. Top of sealing tape should be covered with putty.

Features (Ayster Joint Tape )

Hemps and sealing tape can also be used in leveling the corners. In this case, the tape should be pulled horizontally in both sides in order to have a uniform surface covered with panel. Working with the sealing tape is easy even for home users.

The ayster sealing tape is of the best types available in the market which is available in 90 m length and 5 cm width with proper stability for various uses including in hemps and building paintings with suitable price.

This tape has a better resistance in repairing cracks due to being wider than other tapes and brings more assuring.

Contact us for more information about the cost list of ayster sealing tape (Ayster Joint Tape ).

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