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1kg Gold Ayster Wallpaper Adhesive (Ayster Gold – 1000 gr)

1kg Gold Ayster Wallpaper Adhesive (Ayster Gold – 1000 gr)

(1kg Gold Ayster Wallpaper Adhesive (Ayster Gold – 1000 gr

1000g gold ayster wallpaper adhesive features(Ayster Gold – 1000gr)

Adhesive is a key factor in quality and persistence of wallpapers on walls.
The ayster adhesive with unique and new formulation has been able to surpass other competitors and has had the most sales since 2014 in the world.

The key features of this adhesive which has made it the best and first wallpaper adhesive in Iran are:

  • Upgraded formulation without toxic substances;
  • Ease of use and quick solubility in water;
  • Compatibility with gypsum and cement surfaces;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • High durability with temperature fluctuation;
  • Creating smooth surface when pasting the wallpaper;
  • 1 to 120 proportion;
  • Anti-moisture;
  • High economic efficiency;
  • Capacity of pasting on 100 paper roles

Preparation instruction(Ayster Gold – 100 gr )

Quantity of warm water that is to be used proportional to the gold ayster wallpaper glue is included in the table on the wallpaper package. Blend the ingredients in water for 30 s until dissolution. Then, after 3 minutes, blend again. The glue is now ready for use. The pasting surface must be clean, durable, uniform, and absorbent. The container and the brush must be clean. Paste the glue uniformly in a thin layer on the back of the paper and remove the redundant glue after connecting to wall.

This product which is known as the ayster wallpaper glue is of best wallpaper glues in Iran market. Unique viscosity of this product makes the penetration of it to paper and wall much great and the connection time much low. Hence, the user won’t feel tired. Moreover, this product which doesn’t absorb moisture, is highly durable; a feature which makes applicability easy on various types of tiles, ceramics, oil paints, gypsum, and etc. and makes it require no mixings with wood cement.

Safety and health information

Keep the glue away from children and animal disposal and avoid contact with eyes.

In order to obtain the price list of products, contact.

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